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Hi! I'm working on a slightly different race!
Rainbow Brite!
shaysdays wrote in pelotonia
But bluebuckeye said y'all might find it interesting, so here goes-

I am trying to bike the Tour de France between now and the end of next year. (If not sooner.) I have a stationary bike in my living room, and I'm mapping out where I go each day.

You can read about Stage One on my blog- but I'll update here as time goes on, too. I just started Stage Two, after 128 miles on Stage One(whoot!). I'm hoping to get in about seven miles later today, it's kind of a busy day, but I'm sure I can squeeze it in somewhere.

If you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to answer them!

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1. Your blog is HIGHlarious! I am much amused!

2. What you are doing is awesome! I wasn't sure on the situation when you commented to me (like, if you were literally riding the Tour De France or what), so I asked bluebuckeye to respond. I was so confused! Now, I am not confused. At least about what you are doing. I am still confused about many, many other things, like why my daughter insists on sleeping perpendicular to me at all times. ANYHOO. Go you!

Thank you! I'm trying to actually write some stuff instead of just, "I am here. This is how far. Thank you," so that means a lot.

Your daughter sleeps perpindicular because her feet get cold and mommy is warm.

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