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Hi! I'm working on a slightly different race!
Rainbow Brite!
shaysdays wrote in pelotonia
But bluebuckeye said y'all might find it interesting, so here goes-

I am trying to bike the Tour de France between now and the end of next year. (If not sooner.) I have a stationary bike in my living room, and I'm mapping out where I go each day.

You can read about Stage One on my blog- but I'll update here as time goes on, too. I just started Stage Two, after 128 miles on Stage One(whoot!). I'm hoping to get in about seven miles later today, it's kind of a busy day, but I'm sure I can squeeze it in somewhere.

If you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to answer them!

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Thank you! I'm trying to actually write some stuff instead of just, "I am here. This is how far. Thank you," so that means a lot.

Your daughter sleeps perpindicular because her feet get cold and mommy is warm.

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